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Jason Brown
Yup Date Validation with Custom Transform

In this lesson we'll examine how yup validations are setup. Also we'll show some of the builtin helpers like email, required, and min/max for dates. Then using date-fns we'll setup a custom transform so our validation system can handle different formatted dates.

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Jason Brown
Unit Test Token Verification for Auth0 using Jest and mock-jwks

Testing authentication can be difficult, especially with many 3rd party providers like Auth0. We'll show how to use Jest and mock-jwks to test out your authentication to create fast unit tests with out hacks.

Jason Brown
Create a Multi-Step Animated Modal Depending on User Actions in React Native

Animations can be used to effectively communicate a users action. However many times the reverse animation is used for both a close, or success. We can do better, and we'll walk through how to use Animated to create 2 different animations with a single animated value.

Jason Brown
Calibra Main Screen
Jason Brown
Create GraphQL Enums with Hasura Enum Tables

We'll tackle setting up user types by creating a users_types table with a value text primary key. We'll add the users type as a foreign key to our new table. Finally we'll insert values as a SQL query and track it as a migration.

Jason Brown
Sticky Header with Highlighting Sections on Scroll

We'll use position: sticky to lock our sticky header to the content container that it's in when the user scrolls. Using a useEffect hook we can monitor the scroll position and determine if the user is looking at a section of our content. If they are we can update a useState hook to highlight it in our nav bar. Finally we'll add a scroll to section feature as well.

Jason Brown
Create an Animated Circular Progress Indicator to Track Article Read Percentage in React

We'll build a circular progress button to show how far a user has read an article. The techniques will rely on stroke-dasharray and stroke-dashoffset. Using the useLayoutEffect hook and useRef hook we will measure our article height dynamically and calculate progress based upon the scroll position. We'll show how to dynamically calculate all necessary values to render our progress circle exactly where we want it.