React Native Reanimated Fundamentals

In this course we'll dive into the fundamentals of Reanimated as well as how it interacts with react-native-gesture-handler. Both of these libraries are new ways to interact and animate with React Native. They operate natively and declaratively. This means they are fast because they are running natively and aren't touching the bridge and declaratively meaning you define all the necessary code and it responds when things change.

Overall Reanimated is a very powerful new method to help you achieve the most performant animations so your React Native application runs smoothly

AuthorJason Brown
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Introduction to Reanimated in React Native
Create a Tap-and-Hold Toggle Opacity Animated Box with Reanimated in React Native
Create a Draggable Opacity Changing Circle with Reanimated in React Native
Conditional JavaScript Callbacks with Reanimated in React Native

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