Increase Android AsyncStorage Size in React Native

React Native

The iOS AsyncStorage implementation has an unlimited amount of space by default. This is not the case on Android, the default size of AsyncStorage is 6MB. This is generally enough for a casual application however there are many cases when you may need more, like when you are using PouchDB async adapter.

Remove the Underline from Android TextInputs in React Native

React Native

TextInputs on React Native receive the native defaults. In general this is ideal because it's how native the native components look however on the Android platform this takes the form of a dark underline.

Migrating Ava to Jest


First off. Star the repo here https://github.com/facebook/jest so you can show some love for the hardwork that has been put into it.


I was an early adopter of Jest back in the early days ( ~v0.4). It was okay but difficult to setup and slow with sometimes weird results and behaviors.

Tireless effort has been done by Christoph Pojer to get to the latest Jest (v16.01) so props to him and others working with him.

Check out the fantastic documentation here https://facebook.github.io/jest/docs/getting-started.html

Migrating in seconds

There is almost nothing to write about on this topic because it was almost too easy. Mostly because of jest-codemods. It is a set of codemods crafted to transition your Tape or Ava project to Jest.

It is worth it. Jest has come along way when it comes to speed, functionality, configuration options, and ease of configuration (or lack there of to get started).

There were minor configurations I had to setup, but most were copying and pasting from the documentation.

Lets dive into the process real quick.

Maintain Touchable Items with a Parent PanResponder in React Native

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One of the issues I've noticed with PanResponder is that people assume it is an all or nothing. By that I mean adding a PanResponder in a parent view means it will steal all of your touches and Touchable items won't be touchable any longer.

You may be running into this because you copy and pasted it from here the documentation here https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/panresponder.html and it includes a capture phase returning true. (I copy and paste this all the time). We'll talk about the capture phase next.

Migrating Ava to Jest


Migrating from Ava to Jest